Working from home has become the norm with the Coronavirus and social distancing practices across the nation and worldwide. If you’ve never had the WFH option before, it may surprise you just how tricky it is to find the right way to stay productive and work remotely. Many people find working from home a very steep learning curve, so we’ve gathered tips from people in all different industries that are WFH veterans.

1. Find a Good Location

Unfortunately, remote work isn’t always so simple as booting up your laptop from the couch. If you want to get a full, productive day of work done then the first thing you need to do is find a location that works for you. If you take part in socializing at the office normally, going into total isolation likely isn’t the best option for you. Try finding a coffee shop (or roommate) where you can have some company while you get tasks done. You want minimal distractions, but a place somewhat familiar so that you’re comfortable enough to really work.

2. Keep a Schedule

Keeping a routine and measured work day can be another very important thing people overlook. The freedom to work on your own time is tempting, but suddenly shifting from a set 8-5 to no schedule at all can send you spiraling quickly into chaos and not a whole lot of productivity. It doesn’t need to be rigid, but you should try to keep a routine and schedule that works with your own flow.

3. Use Commute Time Wisely

Now that you don’t have to spend that extra half hour (or more for some of those I-35 commuters) use that time to get in a quick morning workout, or spend a little extra time making a healthy breakfast.

4. Keep Your Workspace Comfortable

If you’re setting up a home office, it’s important to make sure you’re actually comfortable in your workspace. It doesn’t need to have cubicle vibes add some plants, a comfy throw, invite your cat to sit on your lap. Comfort does not equal distraction do not deprive yourself of normal creature comforts or things that make you happy.

5. Take Breaks

Even if you’re starting to get in a groove, don’t burn yourself out too quickly by powering through a whole work day all at once. When you make your to-do list for the day make sure to allow yourself a few breaks to keep your mind fresh and limber. More importantly, actually take the full time for your breaks. Don’t rush through them just because you’re feeling productive.

6. Make Task Lists

It’s easy to get off task when you don’t have a task list. It sounds pretty straightforward but laying out the amount of work you have to do for the day can ensure you’re not taking off more than you can chew. Plus, who doesn’t love the thrill of crossing a completed task off your list?

7. Get “Face” Time In

Even though you’re tele-commuting now, resist the urge to do everything over email or voice calls. A video conference here and there will help you be more attentive in conversations, and even help you feel less isolated with the lack of social interaction.

8. Don’t Overload Yourself

Know your limits. Just because you’re home without the distractions of coworkers or buzz around the office, doesn’t mean you should load your plate up with more than you can handle. You’ll be more stressed out and more likely to burnout quicker.

9. Don’t Skip the Routine

Get dressed, brush your teeth, do the basics you’d do as if you were leaving the house. It turns out, sitting around in your pajamas all day isn’t exactly the best way to be productive.

10. Find Your Groove

Everyone works at a different pace and in a different way. Find the right location, the right rhythm, get in the right groove to make yourself get work done well, and stay relaxed and comfortable at home.

Times are tough right now, but we’re cheering all of our SEED friends on as we go through this together!