2020 is finally coming to a close, and it’s safe to assume that just about everyone is ready for a fresh start. While January 1st won’t be a magical clean slate per se, it’s a great opportunity to look at your past year and work on going into 2021 with positive attitudes and new goals. It’s easy to get caught up in bad news and ongoing instability, but affirmations can be helpful for creating (and maintaining) a positive mental state, and keep your confidence up even through the strangest of times. Any of these can be used daily like a mantra, said in the mirror in a morning routine, or even written down and placed in a work space or living space.

There’s still a little uncertainty moving forward with COVID-19 and WFH, but at the very least here are some positive affirmations you can bring into the new year.

I am in charge of my life and my decision-making. I am not powerless, and I have what I need to make changes.

Things may seem out of control or up in the air right now, but remember you still have control in your own life. Day to day decisions are yours, the direction of your life, and ultimately the ability to spark changes still starts with you.

Who I am now is beautiful, and who I grow into will be beautiful in even more ways.

Whether you put on quarantine weight, or just felt ‘less-than’ in any way from consuming more media than normal- remember you are beautiful for who you are. The more positive self-talk you use, the more you’ll feel it and the more others will see it too.


I am purposefully creative, and I will use all of my skills and resources to create new things that make me happy.

We’re tired of people talking about, “oh well you know Shakespeare wrote King Lear in quarantine,” because not only is it false, but it’s also unrealistic. This is a hard time for many people, and it’s not simple to sit down and create a masterpiece just by ‘having more time at home’. Don’t set out to finish a huge project or change the world in one week, it’ll only stress you out. Set aside time to write, paint, sing, whatever you want to make, and just let it flow. Give yourself time and room to just create without parameters.

I will act with kindness in my heart, and use my energy to spread positivity anywhere I can.

These times are certainly full of bad news after bad news, but that doesn’t need to sour your mood. It takes less effort to just be kind and release that anger and negativity. Acts of kindness are contagious, whether it’s tipping your delivery driver a little extra or writing a handwritten note to your neighbor appreciating their garden- a little bit of positivity goes a long way.

My feelings are valid, good or bad. Even though others may go through what outwardly seem like better or worse scenarios, we are all entitled to feel our own emotions.

Just because someone else may be having a harder time than you right now, doesn’t mean you aren’t also having a hard time. It’s okay to be anxious or upset. Just like it’s okay to be in a good mood even if the daily goings on aren’t positive. Nobody has a monopoly on feelings- if you’re having a good day then enjoy it! You don’t need to let anyone else’s circumstances or situations determine whether or not you can feel your own feelings.

These are simply examples of affirmations you can use, but don’t be afraid to make your own! Add in specific goals or attitudes you want to work on, for example, ‘I will improve my financial skills in 2021,’ or ‘I will land my dream job this year.’ Whatever it is you are looking for in 2021, we hope each and every SEED friend of ours finds it, and our team is always here to help.