There was a time when getting out of town for the weekend meant finding a vacancy at the Best Western, but those days have changed. With websites like VRBO and airbnb, a place to rest isn’t just a roadside motel anymore. The options are as limitless as your imagination; check out the SEED roundup of the cutest airbnbs out there. Find the one that matches your personality, and get ready for a new kind of vacation.


For the Gypset: If you dream of spending your downtime camped out in an Airstream this Barton Springs retreat is perfect for you. Not to mention its just a short walk to local taco and coffee spots, what more could you want. It’s got charm plus all of the amenities for ultimate comfort.

Photo from airbnb

For the Eco-tourist: If your looking for an out of the box experience, look no further. This eastside shipping container is the spot for you! Don’t let its small size fool you, This sleek space is has a fully functioning kitchen, bathroom, and queen size bed. Modern details mixed industrial features give this space a unique feel. 

For the Escapist: If you really just want to get away from it all and spend your vacation in the middle of nowhere, check out this secluded TiPi tucked away on Lake Travis. This is the perfect spot for those of you who love the outdoors- there’s hiking, swimming, and a kayak/canoe available for use.

For the Urbanist: If you’re the type that wants to be in the heart of the city, then this high rise condo downtown is perfect for you. This chic designer space comes with all of the amenities you could want- rooftop pool, gym, and private patio. This chic and swanky place will give you a taste of what it’s like to be an urban Austinite.


For the Gypset: If you dream of spending your downtime camped out in an Airstream by the ocean, the Malibu Dream Airstream is your perfect way to hide out from civilization in style. This is the place for ultimate laid-back luxury; ocean vibes included.

For the Eco-Tourist: If your idea of a dream vacation is becoming one with nature, look no further than Cob Cottage, located in the southern Gulf islands in British Columbia. Described as “a welcoming and cozy retreat hand sculpted of local,
sustainable natural materials,” this is the ultimate in eco-friendly tourism. Bonus: there are sheep and orchards on site!

Photo from airbnb

For the Escapist: If you really just want to get away from it all and spend your vacation in the middle of nowhere, a secluded yurt tucked away in the Bauges Mountains in Eastern France is your place. Pitched as “a good housing environment to get fresh ideas or meditate,” this rustic yurt is a dream for the literal escape artist.

For the Urbanist: If you’re the type that doesn’t mind getting in touch with your natural self every once in a while, but you’re really more comfortable in the heart of the city, then this tree house in Atlanta is the one. It’s stylish, swanky, tucked away yet accessible to all the city amenities. 

Photo from airbnb

For the Seafarer: When you long to feel closer to the sea than to the ground, A Pirate’s Life for Me Houseboat in Downtown Charleston Harbor provides the perfect place for respite.

After you return from your stay in one of these adorably chic airbnbs, check in with your local SEED agent to see what hot properties are available in Austin. There just might be a yurt for you.