The beginning of summer in Austin means school is out, frozen treats are in, and…it’s the moving season. If you’re buying, selling, renting or simply relocating from a college dorm for the summer, everyone is moving right now. And if you’re less-than-enthusiastic about packing up your belongings for life’s next adventure, SEED has a few tips and tricks on how to tackle “the move” like a pro. Marie Kondo and her super-organizational skills may be all the rage on Netflix, but let’s admit it—we can’t all be that on top of it. Whether you’re hiring a mover or going at it alone, read on for our tips that will help get you out one door—and into another—without losing your mind.

The Packing

  1. Keep your clothes in your dresser drawers. That’s right–why should you unpack your dresser only to pack your clothes elsewhere to once again unpack when you arrive at your new destination? A better tactic is to remove your drawers (contents included), wrap them in plastic (a simple painter’s plastic drop cloth will do), and now you’re ready to get a move on. While we’re on the subject of clothing, you can also leaving any hanging items on their hangers. If you have a wardrobe box, fantastic—simply hang your clothes there for easy transport. If you don’t have one of those “fancy” boxes available, group your clothes together and wrap them in large garbage bags.
  2. Use your suitcases to transport books and other heavy and/or cumbersome household items.
  3. Put your towels to work wrapping fragile items. This is good for you and the environment—it cuts back on the number of boxes you need to pack, and it eliminates waste from extra packaging.

The Moving

  1. Just like they say in showbiz, kids and pets are unpredictable. Make sure you have a plan for them on moving day, and your stress level will automatically come down several notches.
  2. When in doubt, turn to food. If you’re moving yourself, be sure to have water and snacks on-hand so you can refuel between loading and unloading. Even if you have the help of movers, moving is mentally exhausting, so be sure to get recommendations for takeout in your new ‘hood so you can enjoy your first night food-prep free.
  3. Document your progress. On moving day, one of the last things on your mind might be organizing a photo shoot, but trust us—this is a great little mental trick that will give you an extra boost of adrenaline on the other side. Take a picture of your house stuffed with all those boxes, a picture of it empty and another one featuring a fully-loaded moving truck; repeat (in the opposite direction) on the other end of your move. It’s great to look back at even a crappy iPhone photo and remind yourself what you’ve accomplished.

The Unpacking

  1. No matter how tired you are; no matter how daunting it seems—always unpack the kitchen first. It’s amazing how many of our belongings actually belong in the kitchen. Once this room is done, the rest of the house will be a cinch!
  2. The end of your lease or a closing date generally dictates your deadline for moving in or out, but there’s rarely a date on the unpacking side to hold you accountable. So make your own deadline (within reason). Unless you’re a superhero, we’re guessing it took more than a day to pack up your former residence, so give yourself the freedom to unpack over a week or two but circle a date on your calendar when it will all be finished. Reward yourself with a nice bottle of wine or fun dinner out on the town.
  3. Recycle as you go. Living among boxes—even the empty ones that are easy to move around—is a sure fire way to make sure your move is a drag. Getting those boxes out in a timely manner will help keep your productive self on schedule.

Are you ready to pack and go? If you’re thinking about buying or selling or renting in Austin, reach out to us at SEED! We’ve been doing this for quite some time, and we would love to help you find the right place in Austin to make your home. So let’s go—it’s moving season!