According to the founders of GEM&BOLT, a new small batch, fair-trade mezcal from Oaxaca that just hit Austin this summer, mezcal is far more than the “it” drink of the moment—it is actually a heart opener. Dubious? We understand. But sip in the aromatic warmth of this agave-based drink from Mexico with friends and there’s a good chance you will feel the stress trickle away, while the heart relaxes. This is what mezcal devotees across Mexico believe, and why not?

Founded by female artist-alchemist duo Adrina Drina and Elliott Coon, GEM&BOLT mezcal is distilled with damiana, a traditional Mexican herb known for its energizing properties. Look it up— also known as Turnera Diffusa, damiana is reportedly good for everything from depression to sexual desire. Combine that with the spirit of mezcal and you may just be drinking the most magical elixir this side of the border.

GEM&BOLT creators Elliott Coon and Adrina Drina purchase their first gallons.

“In Oaxaca, we discovered the Zapotec myth of mezcal—a lightning bolt striking the gem (or heart) of the agave plant, roasting and fermenting its sugars, creating the magical sap now known as mezcal,” says Coon. “The synchronicity was enough to provoke our new adventure—GEM&BOLT mezcal.” Produced by a fourth generation master distiller in Oaxaca, Mexico, GEM&BOLT’s subtle but layered botanical profile makes it ideal for sipping or using as a base for creative mixed drinks.

See their Facebook page for ideas:

In Austin, you can find GEM&BOLT at Justine’sThe TownsendWhisler’sTobala, and Odd Duck, among others. Retail locations include Twin Liquors and Beverage World of Travis Heights. Try it and see if your heart opens.