This last year of the 2010’s decade—if you can even believe that’s possible—is all about the self-care. It’s been a wild ride through the beginning of this millennium, so now is the time to take a moment to reflect on your own self before 2020 comes knocking on the door.

Whether you’re a spa person or an outdoorsy person (or any kind of person who just wants a moment to themselves), our SEED Guide to the best places and ways to pamper yourself in Austin is sure to be a hit. Read on for ten simple ways to practice self-love:

For the spa-lover: If you want to give yourself the best of the best (and don’t you deserve it?), look no further than the 24K Gold Facial at Organic Spa Massage & SkinCare. Let the pampering begin as experts apply strips of 24 karat gold to your skin to rid it of its impurities.

For the homebody: Stop by Diptyque at the Domain and find the perfect fragrance to envelop your home. This French purveyor has the world’s best candles (according to your SEED scent-experts).

For the bookworm: Spend an evening browsing the shelves at BookPeople and bring a new selection home to wile the hours away.

For the entertainer: Self-love is all about you, but if you find joy in welcoming others into your home, then throw together a simple last-minute get together with a few of your closest friends—the more spontaneous the better!

For the aspiring writer: Journaling is no longer reserved for middle school girls and their daily “Dear Diary” entries. Recording your thoughts at the end of a hectic day can help your mind relax and prepare for a good night’s rest.

For the nature-lover: Take a break at Lake Austin Spa Resort. With activities ranging from outdoor yoga to boating, a trip to this rustic-yet-luxurious resort will help you find your zen.

For the sweat-lover: Exercise is a powerful way to inject a little self-love into your day, and we’re loving the vibe at boutique fitness studio Knockout. With a concept that could only have been born in Austin, the masterminds behind this workout philosophy combine “dark lighting, pulsating music, and killer routines” for a workout like no other.

For the people pleaser: Just say “no.” Sometimes we can’t do it all, so give yourself permission to use this simple word every once in a while.

For the flower child: On your next trip to Trader Joe’s, take time to stop and smell the flowers (literally), and then buy yourself some just because.

For the creative soul: Sign up for an adult class at the Art School at The Contemporary Austin, where you can find classes ranging from printmaking to watercolor painting. You never know—you may just uncover your inner Picasso.

Self-care is all about understanding yourself and staying true to your person. It’s something you can practice in your home, work and recreational life, so make a belated New Year’s resolution to yourself today and give yourself some self-love.