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Bathroom Renovation


Bathroom Renovation

SEED Property Group is here to provide homeowners considering bathroom updates with 10 great bathroom renovation tips.

Bathrooms come in ALL shapes and sizes… literally.  If you are crafting plans to improve yours or add a new one, we would like to share a few tips before you begin.


Bathroom Renovation Tip #1 – Set A Budget In Line With Your Home’s Value

Bathroom remodels can run from $3000 to $50,000+ and you should set a budget that is relative to your home’s overall value.  At SEED, we recommend spending no more than 5% of your home’s value on a guest bath renovation and no more than 10% of your home’s value on a master bath renovation.  …and remember, it may take a few years for your home to appreciate enough to recapture all of what you spent on the renovation.


Done selectively, keeping vintage tile and original tubs can be the highlights of your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Tip #2 – Keeping Plumbing Where It Is

Considering that it could cost as much as $500 each time you want to move a plumbing fixture to a new location, try to work with what you have already. 50% or more of the average bathroom renovation budget goes toward labor, and keeping plumbing in its existing locations and not running new supply lines and drain pipes will ensure less of your budget goes toward labor costs.

Bathroom Renovation Tip #3 – Embrace Vintage Details Where You Can 

As Realtors, us SEED agents can tell you that most of our buyers appreciate character in their homes.  While ALL vintage can be a turn off… a little vintage here and there can be a selling point. I mean, who doesn’t swoon over a clawfoot tub?

Vintage details worth keeping:

  • Tile if it’s in good condition and color is on point with today’s trends.
  • Cast iron sinks and tubs (they can be refinished)
  • Original doors, cabinets wood work
  • Original hardware

Bathroom Renovation Tip #4 – Don’t Make the Toilet the First Thing You See

…but if you must, upgrade the toilet seat.  (we recommend a shiny black one)


Easy bathroom upgrade for under $50 is a new toilet seat.

Bathroom Renovation Tip #5 – Splurge A Little on Materials 

Because bathrooms are small, it makes it easy to upgrade design elements like tile, light fixtures, and hardware without breaking the bank.

Bathroom Renovation Tip #6 – DIY What You Can

For the savvy renovator that might know their way around a paintbrush or a sledgehammer, there could be a $600-$1000 savings just for doing the demolition and painting yourself. However, don’t go too far with your DIY’ing… leave tile work, wood work, plumbing, and electrical to those with the skills and experience.

Bathroom Renovation Tip #7 – Let There Be Light

Swap out builder grade lighting for lights that are right for the task of “everyday grooming”.  Vanity’s require soft but bright lighting while the overall bathroom ambient light can even be on dimmers.  Lighting is an inexpensive but powerful design element in any bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Tip #8 – Choose A Flattering Paint Color

Let’s be honest… that last look in the mirror in the morning before you head out the door can set the tone for the day.  Make sure your bathroom surrounds you with a paint color that you not only like to look at, but that you can truly relish in, and that, by all means, compliments your skin tone.  House Beautiful recommends the top flattering paint colors here… we like “Dance of the Goddesses” by Valspar… “It’s the softest, most luminous pearl with just the slightest hint of pink.”

Bathroom Renovation Tip #9 – Make It More Efficient

There are three features in a master bathroom that add luxury AND (believe it or not) efficiency allowing for you and your partner to truly share the space.

  • Dual sinks
  • A separate walk-in shower with dual shower heads andbathroom_storage
  • Think ahead and plan for much needed storage in your bathroom renovation.
  • Soaking tub

A toilet room with door allowing for privacy while the other partner can still get ready or bathe


Think ahead and planned for much needed storage in your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Tip #10 – Think Storage

If you do not have space for a linen closet, you must have a vanity or vertical storage solution.  A bathroom without storage is like an airplane without wings… it.just.doesn’

If there is a bathroom renovation in your future, we at SEED hope these bathroom renovation tips prove helpful to your planning.