Evaluating Your Home

The SEED team begins with an in-person consultation to walk through your home and assess the priorities for getting your home ready for market. From there, we will create a comprehensive list of recommended upgrades, staging improvements, and repairs, as well as share a list of trusted vendors to help with your needs. SEED’s priority is to ensure your home is in the best condition possible for attracting buyers and getting you the highest market price.

Get a Home Evaluation

Choosing An Asking Price

There are many important factors to consider in determining a competitive list price for your home, such as location, condition, age, supply and demand, as well as local market conditions. As Austin is a hyper local real estate market, our SEED agents will provide you with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of similar homes that have recently sold in your specific neighborhood. Understanding what the market will pay is a critical part of achieving a successful sale, and all of these factors will help guide your decision to establish a list price.


Getting Market Ready

Preparing your home to sell can make a big difference in what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Depending on the condition of the home, there are three key considerations: maintenance and repairs, renovations and upgrades, and staging. Getting market-ready may include a variety of tasks, from reducing clutter and fixing maintenance concerns to updating paint colors and landscaping. SEED also works with a number of staging companies that will create a welcoming vibe with modern furnishings, decor, and art, with the goal of making your home more appealing to buyers. If your home needs larger upgrades like flooring, landscaping, or kitchen refresh, we can connect you with Compass Concierge, a competitive loan program that lends up to $25,000 for necessary improvements. The focus of this process is to prepare your home to make a great impression and invite the most attractive offers possible.


Listing Your Home

SEED creates a custom marketing plan to attract the right buyer. Our efforts begin with the hiring of a professional photographer and videographer. From there we promote your home to our network of buyers through a mix of social media, newsletters, direct mail, and more. We also harness the collective marketing power of our entire team of top-selling agents to market new listings. And when marketing to buyers’ agents, this has evolved beyond the MLS to include private exclusive listings networks and members-only platforms, which we will evaluate as part of our marketing approach.


Home Showings

Once your home has been actively listed for sale, home showings will begin. We have a number of options, including holding an open house as well as one-on-one showings. Typically, the homeowner is not present for home showings. You will be notified in advance of any appointments, and showings can be scheduled during specific times to avoid inconvenience. This creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for buyers touring the home.


Receiving Offers

Here is where we get down to business. Using our expertise forged over thousands of transactions, we advocate for your best interests and negotiate tirelessly until an agreement is met. Negotiations can involve many factors, including settling on a sale price, concessions, and financing. Once all parties reach an agreement, you will officially be under contract!


Appraisal & Inspection

Once an agreement is reached, the buyer may order a professional inspection and appraisal to evaluate the condition and value of the home. Depending on the results of these reports, we may enter another round of negotiations until an agreement is reached by all parties. Depending on the negotiation strategy, you may choose to complete repairs requested by the buyer in order to optimize other negotiation factors. We will guide you through this negotiation process and make recommendations.



Congratulations, it’s closing day! If the buyer is using a lender, the lender will provide final confirmation that the buyer is approved to close, and you will sign the paperwork required to complete the sale. This process typically takes less than an hour. Once the paperwork is signed by all parties, your title company will wire the net proceeds of the sale to your bank account, and your home will officially be sold!

Staging Checklist