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Home Staging Guide


Home Staging Guide

There’s a reason real estate experts tell you to de-clutter, organize and consider space planning before you put your house on the market—it’s more appealing! But what if you could live that way every day (or at least most days)?

In the spirit of 2024 and being inspired by Scandinavian living, SEED has put together this room-by-room guide on how to keep your house in Ready-to-Sell (or RTS) condition. We think you’ll find that living this way leads to an overall greater satisfaction with your home life. And if you do have to sell unexpectedly—or Elle Décor shows up at your doorstep for an unannounced photo shoot—you’ll be ready to go!

The Living Room

1.     Map it out: Think about how your family moves throughout your space on a typical day. Is there a chair right in the middle of a major thoroughfare? You might want to do some heavy lifting. Arrange your furniture in conversational groups (keeping foot traffic in mind), and don’t be afraid to accessorize with coffee table books, a chess set or an antique tea set that’s meaningful to you.

2.     Light it up: Lamps are both functional and stylish. Place a pair on a console table for symmetry or one in a “reading corner” to bring added warmth and dimension to the space.

3.     Dress it down: When considering accessories like pillows and throws, go for light, airy colors that coordinate and don’t cause too much visual distraction. The overall effect is a soothing, inviting feel that will leave you lingering longer in your cozy space.

Bonus SEED tip: if you’re thinking of making a major purchase—like a sofa or dining room table—but aren’t quite sure it will fit in the space, use painter’s tape to map it out on the floor as a 2D visual aide before taking the plunge.

The Kitchen

1.     Clear it off: Countertops are major clutter-zones in the home. Doing something as simple as clearing away the clutter will make your home feel more tidy and less stressful. Put the kids’ math homework in recycling (once it’s been turned in, of course) and tuck other counter eyesores—like cooking oils and spices—in a cabinet next to the stove for easy access while preparing meals.

2.     Freshen it up: A little touch-up paint goes a long way, especially on kitchen cabinets that are subject to dings and nicks. For less than an hour’s worth of time, you can give your kitchen a mini facelift (and you might want to scrub away any dirt or grime while you’re at it).

3.     Take it down: Find a better spot for whatever artwork, invitations, calendars, etc. are currently occupying space on your refrigerator.

Bonus SEED tip: If you find your cabinets are overloaded with stadium—or sippy—cups that are rarely used, pack them up and out of your house forever. Ditto for mismatched plates and silverware. Streamlining your tabletop will make eating any meal, including a burger from P. Terry’s on a busy night, a more enjoyable experience.

The Bedroom(s)

1.     Unplug it: Remove televisions and video game consoles to create a serene setting and define your bedroom, especially the master, as a sleeping sanctuary.

2.     Unify it: Get rid of the plastic, mismatched hangers in your closet and go for the wooden variety. IKEA makes a great version that’s high on style but easy on your budget.

3.     Neutralize it: While red or yellow may be your favorite color, the bedroom is no place for bright, primary colors (unless it’s an accent wall for a child’s room). To capture that feeling of serenity, choose a calming, neutral paint color. We like Benjamin Moore’s Oystershell—a subtle blue-green-grey that isn’t too masculine or too feminine.

Bonus SEED tip: If your closet is overflowing with out-of-season clothing, pack up what you aren’t wearing now for a closet that is neater and more organized.

The Bathroom(s)

1.     Clear it off: As in the kitchen, cleanliness rules and decluttering your cabinets and countertops will de-clutter your life.

2.    De-personalize it: From medicine to beauty products to razors and all the other unsightly objects that congregate in the bathroom, take a moment to put personal items in closed containers inside vanity drawers.

3.    Gussy it up: Why not treat yourself to a spa experience at home? Buy those Turkish towels, use decorative baskets, candles and maybe even a plant to spruce up the space.

Bonus SEED tip: If your tub is less-than-RTS-ready and you aren’t in the market for a renovation project, consider having an expert come in and refinish your existing tub for a fraction of the cost. You should reap the benefits of a sparkling shower before it is time to sell.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of living in a streamlined, RTS home without the stress of actually selling your house. If you are ready to sell, however, contact your experts at SEED. We’ll guide you through the process and make the experience educational and rewarding!