Meet Meghan

Authentic. Inspired. Relatable.

Meghan has been a proud Austinite for over 20 years. During her time as an undergraduate at UT, she tapped into the vibrant pulse of Austin's music and restaurant scene working in hospitality around town. After some time in Austin, she ventured north to pursue her master's in landscape architecture at the University of Colorado Denver, where she settled down behind a desk designing parks and other large-scale community projects for a nationally recognized firm. Her love for design and solving complex site plan challenges led her to discover the fulfillment of connecting with people, place, and community. It is here where her natural talent for customer service shines through.

Meghan's innovative thinking and forward-looking approach have set her apart in the eyes of buyers, sellers, and investors. Her ability to envision a property's potential from the ground up allows her to enhance its value in a short timeframe through simple yet impactful changes like landscaping and small-scale interior and exterior upgrades. She understands value and has an eye for a good investment.

She is deeply committed to her clients, grateful for each unique opportunity that presents itself, and finds immense joy in helping everyone from first-time buyers to multi-property investors realize their financial goals.

Meghan keeps busy with her two young children, her dog Pearl, and a solid, supportive husband who backs her passions. You can find her in the Texas Hill Country enjoying a beverage on a patio, chasing her children around her Dripping Springs property, or on a rare evening out listening to live music in Austin.